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Prof. Dr. Mindy Mallory

Associate Professor in Agricultural Economics

Clearing Corporation Charitable Foundation Endowed Chair of Food & Agricultural Marketing

Mindy Mallory is associate professor and Clearing Corporation Foundation Chair in Food and Agricultural Marketing in the Agricultural Economics department at Purdue University where she teaches courses and researches topics related to commodity markets. Prior to coming to Purdue University, she was an assistant and associate professor in the department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics at the University of Illinois. Her research covers forecasting, price discovery, the nexus between commodity and energy markets, liquidity costs, and others issues related to futures market microstructure.

Research Interests

Agricultural marketing and policy

Recent Key Publications

  • Trujillo-Barrera, A., P. Garcia, M. Mallory. 2016. “Price Density Forecasts in the U.S. Hog Market: Composite Procedures.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics
  • Yu, J. and M. Mallory. 2014. “Exchange Rate Effect on Carbon Credit Price via Energy Markets.” Journal of International Money and Finance, 47:145-161.
  • Trujillo, A., M. Mallory, and P. Garcia. 2012. “Volatility Spillovers in US Crude Oil, Ethanol and Corn Futures Markets.” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 37(2): 1-16.
  • Mallory, M., S. Irwin, D. Hayes. 2012. “How Market Efficiency and the Theory of Storage Link Corn and Ethanol Markets.” Energy Economics 34(6): 2157-2166.
  • Ando, A. and M. Mallory. 2012. “Optimal Portfolio Design to Reduce Climate-Related Conservation Uncertainty in the Prairie Pothole Region.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109(17): 6484-6489.
  • Mallory, M, D. J. Hayes, and B. A. Babcock. 2011. “Crop-based Biofuel Production with Acreage Competition and Uncertainty.” Land Economics 87(4): 610-627.


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