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Identifying Marketing Actions That Drive Financial Performance

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DWS Asset Management

E.ON Inhouse Consulting

    • E.ON Inhouse Consulting is the internal management consultancy of the E.ON Group and currently looking for new talent to join their team. If you would like more information and are interested in doing an internship or applying for position of a (senior) project manager, click on one of the links below:
      Project Consultant.
      Senior Project Consultant.

Procter & Gamble

    • Full-time marketing position in Germany available.
      For more information about open positions at Procter & Gamble,
      click here.


    • Full time position as Finance-Marketing Analyst in Aachen or London and internship in Finance-Marketing in Aachen. For more information, click on the links below:
      Finance-Marketing Analyst
      InternshipYou can send your application directly to:


    • Wanted: Graduation student for research on crowdfunding real estate and the private investors market
      For information about the offer,
      click here.

Capgemini Consulting

    • Internship automotive/change management in Munich, Germany
      For information about the internship and how to apply (in German),
      click here.

Frankfurt-Trust Asset Management

APG Corporate and Asset Management Traineeships for M-F Students

    • Corporate and asset management traineeships
      For more information please do not hesitate to come in contact with our M-F graduate and current APG Manager Ms. Manja Rietjens, Tel. +31 (0)6 1054 1838 , email:
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