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Identifying Marketing Actions That Drive Financial Performance

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New Student Thesis topics available

For more information on the Alpha M tool, thesis questions and topics, click here (see also the related item under News)

For an overview of the Marketing-Finance track, please take a look at the Masters Open Day Presentation below:

 M-F Masters Open Day Presentation

The Marketing-Finance approach: Bridging the gap between Marketing and Finance

In an article in TalkingBusiness, Dr. Arvid Hoffmann and Prof. Joost Pennings explain how the M.Sc. IB: Marketing-Finance works for both students and industry.

Link to article: Click Here.

Click here to see an interview with Prof. Dominique Hanssens (UCLA) about research on the Marketing-Finance interface.

Click here to see an interview with Dr. Nikos Kalogeras about job prospects for Marketing-Finance students.

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