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Getting the most out of Marketing-Finance: The MF Company Circle

What is the MF Company Circle?
The MF Company Circle is a non-profit initiative by the Marketing-Finance Research Lab at Maastricht University to foster mutual-beneficial interaction between business managers, faculty, and students involved in Marketing-Finance.

How do I benefit as a company?
Joining the MF Company Circle offers the opportunity to get into exclusive and early contact with talented young professionals. Our students and faculty can help you to carry out business-relevant projects. Additionally, you gain experience with our students as potential future employees. Moreover, we will keep you informed about recent marketing-finance insights by specialized symposia, giving you the opportunity to network with other members of the MF Company Circle.

How do the other partners benefit?
As a member of the MF Company Circle, you are a very valuable partner by opening up your company to our faculty and students for research purposes. Moreover, by giving guest lectures and case seminars, our students can benefit from your business experience. Finally, all members of the MF Company Circle pay an annual fee that enables us to continue to invest in research and education.

Who can I contact for more information?
Your main contacts at Maastricht University are:

Prof. Dr. Ir. Joost M. E. Pennings

Dr. Thomas Post

Current members of the Marketing-Finance Company Circle include:


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