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Identifying Marketing Actions That Drive Financial Performance

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Marketing-Finance Symposium 2022

Maastricht University, Wageningen University and Open University are again organizing the Marketing-Finance Symposium in Maastricht on October 7, 2022. This fourth edition of the symposium is devoted to the latest developments in the marketing-finance interface with a special focus on marketing excellence and its contribution to the financial bottom-line.

Speakers include Arvid Hoffmann (University of Adelaide), Abhishek Borah (INSEAD), Sebastian Hohenberg (University of Texas at Austin), Dominique M. Hanssens (UCLA) and industry leaders from, amongst others, Procter & Gamble. The audience will be a mix of academics and industry leaders. The number of participants is limited to 70 to ensure an interactive knowledge exchange. ​

Please click here for the flyer.

Marketing-Finance Symposium 2015

The GSBE Marketing-Finance Symposium of 2015 took place on Thursday, October 8. The day was a great success, with participants from academic, business, and policy-making debating with a distinguished line-up of speakers. Please find the slides and program below.


 “Financial Product Development: A Marketing-Finance Approach” – Dr. Arvid Hoffmann and Dr. Nikos Kalogeras

 “Product Oversight for Financial Institutions” – Kris Marx

 “Investor Behavior: the Last Mile Problem and Possible Fixes” – Prof. Andreas Hackethal

 “Understanding & Dealing with Complex Financial Systems” – Paras Anand

 “The Evolution of the Cooperative Life Cycle” – Prof. Michael Cook and Prof. Constantine Iliopoulos

 “Marketing and Finance: Coop Style” – Frido Kraanen

 “The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts” – Prof. Joost Pennings



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