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Identifying Marketing Actions That Drive Financial Performance

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Dr. Simone Wies

Post-Doc Researcher

Simone Wies is a Post-Doc researcher at Duke University, North Carolina, US. She holds a BSc, MSc, and PhD degree from Maastricht University. Her research deals with the interaction of capital markets and managerial decision-making. In her work, she investigates how marketing investments, such as product innovations or advertising investments, affect and are affected by capital markets and investor behavior.

Research Interests

Marketing-finance interface, spillover effects, marketing investments, capital market impact

Recent Key Publications


  • Moorman, C., S. Wies, N. Mizik & F. J. Spencer (2012). “Firm innovation and the ratchet effect among consumer packaged goods firms.” Accepted for publication in Marketing Science, forthcoming.


  • Hoffmann, A. O. I., A. Tutic & S. Wies (2011). “The Role of Educational Diversity in Investor Relations.” Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 16 (4), 311-327.


  • Hoffmann, A. O., J. M. E. Pennings & S. Wies (2011). “Relationship Marketing’s Role in Managing the Firm-Investor Dyad”. Journal of Business Research,64(8), 896-903.





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